WBACTC Support Staff


Data Processing / Technology Department

Mr. Joseph Oliveri, Jr - Network Support Specialist / Programmer

Mrs. Jennifer J. Haas - Technology Support Specialist

Mrs. Mary Martarano - Programmer

Ms. Rosemary Frati - Data Entry Clerk

Ms. Thea Escarge - Computer Operator




Central Office

Mrs. Diane Spinozza - Secretary

Mrs. Arlene Hooper - Hall Monitor




Teacher Associates

Mr. Mike Bantell - Culinary Arts I

Mrs. Carmelina Oliveri - Culinary Arts II

Mrs. Amy Brady - Cosmetology I

Mrs. Sharon Hughes - Cosmetology II

Mrs. Ann Marie Namey - Horticulture

Mr. Mark Baclasky - Residential Construction

Mr. Eugene Marley - Graphic Arts

Mrs. Nadeen Federici - Building Trades

Mrs. Cheryl Thomas - Child Care




Special Education Aides

Mrs. Ruth Pieczynski

Mr. Ed Roback




Mr. Jim Brennan

Mr. Ed Brunn

Mr. Brian Fisher

Mr. Rich Bielenda

Mr. Eugene Wesley

Mr. Kevin Flannery

Mr. Brian Toole

Ms. Bernadine Zbegner




WBACTC Practical Nursing

Mrs. Joanne Juskiewicz - Secretary

Mrs. Suzie Morgan - Financial Aid Advisor







Upcoming Important Dates

—March 29 to April 2, 2018 - Spring Vacation; School Closed

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